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Protagonist of your home

Mondo Sofa Group offers a new way to experience your home by becoming its protagonist. Products designed to ensure maximum comfort and the best liveability of your environments in all circumstances.

Sofas, sofa beds, armchairs and accessories have always been our best business card, with the offer of a range of products for all furnishing needs.  


Over the years, the solutions developed by Mondo Sofa Group have differentiated and production has expanded to include furniture and beds.  

Our range of sofa beds has allowed us to establish ourselves on the international market, our brand is synonymous with reliability and comfort at competitive prices.  

Every year our range of products is enriched with new models that lead us towards an ability to understand the greater needs of companies and individuals, to constantly improve the performance of our furniture.  

Our collaborations with high-profile designers and architects have generated products with cutting-edge aesthetics while maintaining practicality.  

The services offered guarantee the large-scale retail trade our 360 ° competence for logistics management and after-sales services with the utmost respect for timing and customer needs.  

The company

MondoSofaGroup is a company that was born from an idea of Marco Zani who, in 1982  he founded the ZaniSofa brand in Forlì, one of the main Italian living room districts. Over the years, two other brands VerySofa and MadInItaly have been added to the development of new product lines.

In 2008 the brands merged into the new company Mondo Sofa Group. While maintaining their peculiar characteristics and separate production lines to ensure a product identity well oriented towards customers with different needs.


The group's products are distributed all over the world with particular attention to the European markets of France, Belgium and Luxembourg, through tested and differentiated sales channels based on the target from boutiques to outlets.

The main objective has always been to offer the best comfort to all our customers, without forgetting the unique needs related to modern living contexts, with the awareness that our product plays a leading role in all homes.


Continuous attention to design and the development of new models is the basis for the evolution of our collections.


All'’impresa Mondo Sofà Group srl con la partecipazione al Bando per i progetti di promozione dell’export e per la partecipazione a eventi fieristici 2022,  è stato assegnato un contributo pari ad € 10.000,00, sovvenzionato con risorse POR FESR 2014-2020 della Regione Emilia-Romagna.

Il Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale ha voluto cofinanziare le spese per la partecipazione dell’impresa all’evento fieristico internazionale ESPRITMEUBLE nell’anno 2022 per rafforzare  la propensione all’export del sistema produttivo regionale.

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