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Mimosa is a fantastic example of sobriety and comfort. The spacious and comfortable seats guarantee maximum relaxation and lightheartedness.

A sofa with an unmistakable appearance and an extremely robust structure, it does not lose sight of the versatility and lightness accentuated by the elegance of its chromed metal base that ends with the tubular feet.

Perfect for spacious environments, in the corner version, it offers space for all your guests.


Structure: Frame in poplar, fir and various derivatives (plywood and agglomerate for the cladding). With high resistance crossed elastic straps

Padding: Padding in polyurethane foam with different densities, with a layer of layer on seats and backrests

Seat: Non-deformable polyurethane rubber density 30 kg / m³.

Backrest: Polyurethane rubber density 18 kg / m³

Armrest: Polyurethane rubber density 21 kg / m³

Upholstery: Regenerated leather, fabric, thickened cowhide leather, type of aniline treated grain finish, type of chrome salt tanning, type of grain printed with various thicknesses.

Feet:  metal

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