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Mattresses for sofa beds and beds, available in different sizes and thicknesses starting from H14 used on standard sofa beds up to H22.

The mattresses of the H14 line are made with densities up to 50 Kg / m3 and also available with an "Aloe Vera" finish.  

All the support you need, with our 18 and 22 cm mattresses for a bed ready to accommodate all body types and with the ambition to cover all needs, also offering products with different densities and memory foam.

All products in our line are antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic, with 3D textures for transpiration can emphasize this feature by combining the breathable band on the models that provide it.

Dozens of differentiated versions available from 14 to 22 cm thick and with sizes from 80 to 160 cm. 

Combinable with sofa beds with slatted or electro-welded bases and with all bed lines.

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