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Sofa bed

First 18

A sofa that best represents the great Italian artisan quality. Solid, elegant and capable of satisfying the desires of the most demanding customers with an 18 cm high mattress!


Structure: Frame in poplar, fir and various derivatives (plywood and agglomerate for the cladding). With high resistance crossed elastic straps

Padding: Padding in polyurethane foam with different densities, with a layer of layer on seats and backrests

Seat: Non-deformable polyurethane rubber density 30 kg / m³.

Backrest: Polyurethane rubber density 18 kg / m³

Armrest: Polyurethane rubber density 21 kg / m³

Upholstery: Regenerated leather, fabric, thickened cowhide leather, type of aniline treated grain finish, type of chrome salt tanning, type of grain printed with various thicknesses.

Bed: two-fold electro-welded bed base with water-foamed polyurethane rubber mattress, density 30 kg / m³ covered with anti-mite jacquard fabric, height 18 cm, mattress size for 2 places (120 cm x 190 cm) - 3 places (140 cm x 190 cm) - 3 Maxi Seats (160 cm x 190 cm)

Feet: plastic.

Notes: Pillow holder - Mattress H18 cm

Available versions and dimensions (LxWxH):

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